Medical Consumables and Devices Division

Medical Division

Surgical Care Unit

The Surgical Business unit offers products, solutions and services related to every critical & acute care healthcare setting in the UAE. The surgical unit traverses the domain of surgical consumables, laparoscopy instruments, pain management, vascular therapy, cardio thoracic, wound care, sharps safety systems, thermometry, enteral feeding, respiratory, airway management, etc.

The products are handled by a team of experienced healthcare professionals including bio-medical engineers, pharmacists, nurses and domain technicians & they cover all public and private hospitals in the UAE.
Some of the brands under this portfolio are Covidien (Now part of Medtronic), Purple Surgical, Diros Technologies, Bovie Medical, Sklar, etc.

Infection Prevention Unit

The Infection Prevention unit caters primarily to products that offer complete solutions for Infection prevention in healthcare settings. The infection prevention team offers complete solutions through innovative & clinically proven products in the categories of hospital and hand hygiene, drapes, gowns & related hospital apparels, sterilisation and peri-op solutions with testing kits and training/seminars for affective use by valued healthcare professionals.
The team has healthcare professionals including bio-medical engineers, pharmacists, nurses and domain technicians & they cover all public and private hospitals in the UAE.

Some of the brands under this portfolio are 3M, Egemen, PDI & we are working to identify additional brands that could complement this portfolio.

Patient Care Unit

Patient Care unit caters to products that are categorized under Medical/Hospital furniture, Rehabilitation range & Acute care lines, like Stethoscopes, Blood Glucose devices, instruments, etc. that are offered to every Healthcare, Homecare & Retail segments.

    • Products offered include a wide variety of Hearing devices, Adult diapers, Bed pads, Standard & Customized Wheelchairs, Power Wheelchairs, Buggy chairs, commode and bath chairs, Walking Aids, Patient Lifters & Seating systems, etc.

      Some of the brands under this portfolio are Rexton (Siemens), Meyra, Patron, Genemax, Sorg, AKS, Benoit systems, HMN, Motion Composites, Lopital, Rehasense, Apollo, etc.

    • Products offered include Home care Beds, Pressure Mattresses, Cushions, Examination couches, Crash and Medication carts, a variety of trolleys and cabinets, IV stands, medical waste bins.

      Some of the brands under this portfolio are Medical Master, Sunflower, Allibert, LKL, etc.


To reach the Medical Division, you may contact:
Mr. Girish Shetty
DGM Healthcare Trading
NMC Trading
PO Box 7832
Dubai – UAE
[javascript protected email address]

Our Brands
NEO BIOCON Neopharma Jamjoom Sanofi Pasteur Lagap Kuwait Saudi Pharma Geltec Pharma Care, India Sanofi Pasteur, France Ginsana, Switzerland Hermal Kurt, Germany BHARGAVA PHYTOLAB Inverness ARROW PHARMACEUTICALS Apo Pharma, Canada Stallergens SA, France Dr. Grossmann, Switzerland Alkapharma, Germany Medinova National Pharma Apotex Inc., Canada British Biologicals, India AL MANSOURI Bal Pharma, India CACHET PHARMACEUTICALS HERMAL CHEMIE QUANTUM NATURALS MACLOEDS TENTAN AG EXPORT NEW MED Frezyderm SA, Greece dantschke-med metrovision otometrics terumomedical BREAS MEDICAL FANEM STEPHAN MEDIZINTECHNIK SCHILLER TUTTANAUER arkray beckmancoulter biomnis fiocchetti nuve siemens thermofisher tokyo SLEE MEDICAL northamericanscales ocenco vitalograph welchallyn wallachsurgical kerrdental ormco PELTON & CRANE SWEDEN & MARTINA CARESTREAM DENTAL rtigroup samsung PROTECH IMAGING CARESTREAM DENTAL abbottdiabetescare ardobreastpumps flaems febromed Advanced Medical Product karl-bollmann Sivantos 3m pdihc Haigh Engg PMS Genadyne Medtronic purplesurgical Kimal CuraMedical Diros Technology boviemedical Biolitec meyra aks MEDICAL MASTER benoitsystemes rehasense PATRON BOHEMIA genemax sunflowermedical sorgrollstuhltechnik lklbeds hmn dermoscent cotrancorp F.M.BROWN`S SONS , INC VETALL LABORATORIES-KOREA Himalaya shreepharma roto microproductsaustralia TELEFAIR FOREST PRODUCTS Purina Pro Plan TTS Group Ltd Specialist Crafts Ltd EDU-LAB Scientific and Chemical International S+B UK Ltd Maudesport Ltd Demco Europe Ltd (Gresswell, LFC, Storysack) Nivea THE HIMALAYA DRUG COMPANY Enchanteur Pears NEXCARE Kiwi Brylcreem Bella Cotton Fem Mam Mysore Sandal VLCC DERMOVIVA ZEST CAMAY PEPSODENT IMPULSE LOTUS LAKME EUCERINE SUPERMAX ANCHOR TENA nana PARANIX CHARLIE FILTRETE COMMAND SCOTCH Renuzit Neocare Purex Ambipur Luna Nestle KDD McCormick Americana TAJ MAHAL HiTea Mac Coffee Rasna PASSAGE FOODS DALDA KNORR Tasty BiteRite CANDEREL Sugarfree SEACOD Food Factory NOVALAC HUMANA


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