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Educational & Analytical Lab Supplies

Product Categories and Products


NMC Trading represents some of the best known Educational Supplies brands & companies from the UK. These include but are not limited to the following

  • Findel Education Ltd., UK international brands as follows
    • Hope Education – General & Curricular Educational Resources
    • Philip Harris – Specialist Science Equipment & Consumables
    • Davies Sports – PE & Sports Equipment
    • LDA – SEN Resources
  • TTS Group Ltd., UK – Primary Educational Resources
  • Maudesports , UK – PE & Sports Equipments
  • Omega Music, UK – Music Instruments & Equipment
  • Edulab, UK – Specialist Science Equipment & Consumables
  • Specialist Crafts, UK – Specialist Art & Crafts Equipment, Materials & Consumables
  • Heart Education, UK – Specialist Sewing & Textile Equipment & Materials
  • Demco Interiors – Library Design, Supply & Installation
  • Gresswell, UK – Specialist Library Furniture and Resources
  • LFC, UK – Primary School Library & Classroom Resources
  • Technology Supplies, UK – Specialist Design & Technology Equipment, Materials and Consumables. Turnkey Solutions for D&T Workshops
  • Consortium Education, UK – Complete Range of School Supplies consisting of Stationery, Art & Craft, Curricular, Sports, Office Supplies and Furniture Solutions
  • S + B, UK – Turnkey Solutions for Science Labs, Food Technology Rooms and Classroom Furniture
  • SciChem, UK – Specialist Primary & Secondary Science Equipment & Consumables
  • Dawsons Music, UK – Specialist Music Resources & turnkey solutions for Recording Studios, Music Rooms, etc.
  • School Specialty, USA – Largest multi brand Supplier of general & specialist resources in USA
  • 3M – Scotch & Post It brands – Stationery products ranging from Post It Notes, Adhesives to Crayons & Pencils
  • Learning Resources, UK – Early Years Teaching & Learning Resources
  • Polydron, UK – Geometric Construction Products for developing manipulative skills and world leading resource for teaching Mathematics
  • Gopak, UK – Manufacturer of lightweight classroom tables, play furniture, aluminum framed folding tables and staging solutions
  • Titan Furniture, UK – Classroom Furniture
  • Gratnells, UK – Trays & Storage solutions
  • Kit for Kids, UK – Carpets, Cushions, Soft Play & Furniture
  • ISIS Concepts, UK – Manufacturer of furniture & device management equipment for schools
  • Alphabet Education, UK – Large Range of Educational Equipment
  • Super Stickers, UK – Rewards & Motivational products for Teachers & Students
  • Spaceright Europe Ltd., UK – Display, Presentation, Furniture & Early Years products
  • Show-me, UK – Mini Drywipe Boards and accessories
  • ARCO, India – Manufacturer of Scientific, Laboratory and Educational instruments


NMC Trading’s main customer base is top International Schools & Nurseries in the UAE but we also have significant presence and market share in all market segments. We also supply to a few International schools in Oman. NMC also services a large number of ADEC schools through ADEC tender awards and supplies against direct orders from schools.


NMC Trading Education division operates from 2 x 10,000 square feet climate controlled modern warehouses, strategically located in Dubai Industrial City, mid-way between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The warehouse operates on a bespoke ‘Order Management System’ that captures all the order details and flows, it through the system. This enables delivery segregation and packing to the level of year group, subject and teacher’s name, thereby making the receipt and checking of delivery quick and efficient.

NMC Trading Education division has a team of trained personnel to check, sort, pack and label deliveries as per customer requirements. All deliveries are despatched through a dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles and all goods are delivered to customer site, including delivery right in to the classroom.


NMC Trading – Educational Supplies Division – is the leading supplier of a wide variety of Educational materials and turnkey solutions to Schools in UAE covering almost all areas of curriculum from Foundation Stage through to Year 13. We started distributing educational resources in early 80s with distribution of Philip Harris brand of science resources from the UK to local and international schools in the country.

Currently NMC Trading – Educational Supplies division – distributes in the UAE leading educational product brands from UK and USA. The products distributed by us range from general stationery, classroom resources to specialist resources covering Science, Art and Crafts, Sports, ICT, SEN, etc. We also undertake turnkey projects in local schools that include fitting out Science Labs, Design and Technology Workshops, Music Rooms and Recording Studios, Interactive Boards and classroom furniture.

Our philosophy is to act as a ‘one stop shop’ for all school requirements and in line with this service proposition; we outsource several products and turnkey solutions locally as well as internationally aimed at offering utmost customer delight.


NMC Trading Education division works with specialist manufacturers and suppliers to bring the best and latest educational resources for effective delivery of education. We work with industry leaders in each product category and backed with NMC’s distribution expertise, we bring the solution right into the classroom

List of our principal suppliers is given below. Apart from this list, using our domain expertise and industry contacts, we can outsource and literally supply any product to a school even if it is not available from our portfolio of brands.

Refer the partner list above

Key strengths

Our USP is a hassle-free single point contact, where the schools can simply send all their orders to us by fax or email. We then organize the orders in meaningful formats, provide budgetary quotes and on confirmation, process the orders through our bespoke order management system that provides end-to-end tracking at any point of the time

Value-added Services for Schools

We remain committed to offer the best value to schools and continue to improve our offer by working on the following points

  • Giving choice to schools of a large product range varying from economy versions to premium products
  • Continual addition of new products to our portfolio and outsourcing products and services not currently available in our scope
  • Leverage domain expertise and industry experience for better solutions
  • Reduce non-essential costs and provide competitive cost benefits to all customers
  • Customer and Market centric strategy and services to provide customized solutions
  • Locally stocked catalogue of fast moving consumable products for quicker delivery
  • Bespoke Order Management System that can provide regular line-wise order status updates
  • Delivery to the school’s doorstep and even into the classroom, packed as per school’s instructions
  • Honest and transparent pricing with a DDP (delivered duty paid) offer to the school site
  • Invoicing after delivery, implies that school gets invoiced for the items that have been checked and signed off as received satisfactorily by the school
  • Flexible credit terms
  • Installation services and after sales service and repairs


NMC Trading Educational Supplies Division offers a wide array of products for schools that can be divided into the following broad categories

  • Early Years Teaching and Learning Resources
  • Curricular Resources – Subject resources for English, Mathematics and Science
  • Special Educational Needs Resources
  • Arts & Crafts Equipment and Materials
  • Sports & Physical Educational Resources
  • Science Laboratory Equipment & Consumables
  • Design & Technology Resources
  • Music Equipment and Resources
  • Classroom Furniture and Storage Solutions
  • Classroom Carpets, Mats, Seating and Soft Play
  • Display products including White Boards, Notice Boards, Partition Screens
  • Portable Staging and Dining Room Furniture Solutions
  • Library Furniture and Consumables
  • ICT and Device Management Solutions
  • Stationery

Turnkey Solutions

Give an empty room to us and we will design & create meaning full learning spaces

NMC Trading Educational Supplies division works in partnership with Industry leaders to bring innovative and cutting edge customized solutions for the following areas.

  • Science Labs
  • Design & Technology Workshops
  • Libraries
  • Music Rooms & Recording Studios
  • Dining Rooms
  • ICT suites
  • Complete Classroom Solutions
  • Suggested Teaching & Learning Materials Lists for start-up schools

Our services include space planning, consultation, design, supply, installation and maintenance solutions.


NMC Trading – Educational Supplies Division
Office No. 110 – Al Raihan Block, The Square –Omniyat
Street 46, Off Cairo Street, Al Mamzar
P.O. Box 7832, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-4-2172700
Fax: +971-4-2658450
Email: [javascript protected email address]

Our Brands
NEO BIOCON Jamjoom Neopharma NEXGEN PHARMA Lagap Sanofi Pasteur, France BOEHRINGER - PHARMATON Kuwait Saudi Pharma Geltec Pharma Care, India MEDA Ginsana, Switzerland Stallergens SA, France Medinova GLOBAL PHARMA QUANTUM NATURALS National Pharma HERMAL CHEMIE Apo Pharma, Canada Apotex Inc., Canada British Biologicals, India Inverness MACLOEDS Frezyderm SA, Greece Alkapharma, Germany Hermal Kurt, Germany ARROW PHARMACEUTICALS AL MANSOURI CACHET PHARMACEUTICALS NEW MED Bal Pharma, India TENTAN AG EXPORT Dr. Grossmann, Switzerland EXXL BHARGAVA PHYTOLAB welchallyn vitalograph ocenco northamericanscales terumomedical SCHILLER dantschke-med otometrics metrovision wallachsurgical BREAS MEDICAL TUTTANAUER FANEM BREAS STEPHAN MEDIZINTECHNIK siemens beckmancoulter arkray thermofisher fiocchetti nuve SLEE MEDICAL biomnis CORMAY tokyo samsung CARESTREAM DENTAL PROTECH IMAGING rtigroup kerrdental ormco SWEDEN & MARTINA PELTON & CRANE 3m Haigh Engg pdihc Genadyne egemen Medtronic purplesurgical Kimal CuraMedical PMS nurelmedikal boviemedical REBSTOCK Diros Technology sklarcorp gablermedical meyra genemax sorgrollstuhltechnik benoitsystemes PATRON BOHEMIA MEDICAL MASTER rehasense aks lklbeds hmn Samarit suzhou-kd-medical sunflowermedical ALLiBERT motioncomposites lopital mrs-scientific givas ardobreastpumps abbottdiabetescare febromed lillehealthcare Sivantos flaems Advanced Medical Product karl-bollmann Guangdong Nanhai Foodstuff Health & Life Lagap SA Taiwan Chung Jih Plastic dreve Nivea EUCERINE LABELLO HANSAPLAST 8X4 Pears PEPSODENT CAMAY IMPULSE ORGANICS ZEST LAKME Enchanteur Himalaya FAIR AND HANDSOME NAVRATHNA OIL BOROPLUS HIMANI FAST RELIEF ZANDU HE DERMOVIVA Brylcreem Kiwi Fem LOTUS VLCC Mam Bella Cotton nana TENA SUPERMAX PARANIX ANCHOR NEXCARE CHARLIE Mysore Sandal JACQULINE Dail Nestle TAJ MAHAL KNORR DALDA ANNAPURNA Luna AL HAMRA SEACOD KDD DOLCE VITA CANDEREL Sugarfree NOVALAC HUMANA Tasty Food Factory BiteRite Americana LORETTA BELLA EXPRESS McCormick Rasna PASSAGE FOODS Vita PAPER BOAT Blue Ocean HiTea Mac Coffee Droste FILTRETE COMMAND SCOTCH Kiwi Neocare Purex Ambipur Renuzit TTS Group Ltd Findel Education Ltd Maudesport Ltd Specialist Crafts Ltd Technology Supplies Ltd S+B UK Ltd Scientific and Chemical International EDU-LAB Demco Europe Ltd (Gresswell, LFC, Storysack) THE HIMALAYA DRUG COMPANY TRANSCON TRADING CO.INC TAJ INTERNATIONAL 3M VETERNIARY shreepharma F.M.BROWN`S SONS , INC microproductsaustralia AGRIHEALTH [NI] LTD INTERNATIONAL WIN LTD VETALL LABORATORIES-KOREA LITTERPEARLS cotrancorp dermoscent roto INNVOL MEDICAL INDIA LIMITED stefanplast DREW BRADY & CO LTD macwet MAXZENCO SPRL CHARLES BENTLEY & SON LTD FIREFLY GLOBAL (U.S.A) (VET) G&C EXPORT DBA PETTAGS SOEHNLE PROFESSIONAL  [VET] dreveterinary MICROCHIPID CENTURY HILL IND TELEFAIR FOREST PRODUCTS


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